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Can You Answer These Questions?

  • God told Adam that he would die on the day that he ate of the forbidden fruit, yet he did not literally, physically die on that day. Was the Bible lying, or being non-literal?
  • Some biblical scholars look for the Garden in the Middle East, but what if it is not in any physical location—only a spiritual place?
  • Kabbalists say that they wrote the Bible's first five books in a code called the Language of Branches. Do you know that language?
  • Genesis 5:2 calls Adam "male and female" and "them." Were the others of Gen.5 also eponymous tribes?
  • Genesis 5 says, these are the Generations of Adam. Were the years mentioned actually years or generations?
  • Were the days in Genesis 1 literally days, or were they descriptions of something for which humans do not have words?
  • Biblical literalists say that the universe started about 6,000 years ago. But the science that studies God's creation says otherwise. Who do you believe: God's creation or individual interpretation of God's Word? Could the apparent disagreement be hinting that you need to be even more humble to God—and not to the interpretations of man?

Don't pretend you know all of God's Truth. Open your heart to learning all that He has to teach. Most teachers only know a part of God's Truth. Some know none at all.

The Bible has far more to offer you, if you are humble enough and hungry enough to look. Salvation is guaranteed only to those who take the narrow, difficult path. Those who take the easy, broad path will be led to destruction.

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Genesis Code Blog   Letting the Spirit Guide Us to Understanding
06/16/2013 02:17 AM
7 Reasons Why Young Earth Creationists are Wrong about Genesis

Young Earth Creationists say that humanity and the universe are only about 6,000 years old. That age comes from the scholarly research of Ireland’s Archbishop Ussher, first published in 1650 AD. Much of Ussher’s research remains invaluable, today, but the part based on Genesis is wrong, because he misunderstood the … Continue reading

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Exploring Biblical and Scientific Reality

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32 KJV)

Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind. — Albert Einstein

This is not creation "science." This is not science vs. religion. The purpose of this site is to put science and religion together, working to achieve a greater truth. The beliefs upon which this site was built are,

  • The Bible is a book of divine wisdom
  • The body of science contains mostly relative truths of physical reality
  • Where the two appear not to agree, there may be opportunities to find greater truths
Genesis Code: evolution showing Homo habilis, Homo erectus and Homo sapiens (Kofi Anann, UN Secretary General)
Evolution represented by Homo habilis (top, photo: Lillyundfreya [CC BY-SA 3.0]), Homo erectus (middle, reconstruction: John Gurche, Photo: Tim Evanson [CC BY-SA 2.0]), and Homo sapiens, Kofi Anann, UN Secretary General (bottom, Photo: Eric Miller [CC BY-SA 2.0]). All images via Evolution has been proven to be fact, but the specifics of the Homo lineage remain in debate.

An example of this comes from the topic of evolution. Science shows that evolution is a fact. Some biblical interpretation disagrees with this fact, but this only shows that the interpretation is in error. Ignoring the reality that science has documented so well, results in courting delusion. The solution can be found in discovering a new interpretation.

Not every aspect of evolutionary thought has been proven. For instance, the current consensus of human evolution from earlier forms of genus Homo remains a strongly supported, though not entirely proven theory. More data is needed.

Too many people on both sides of this discussion use the rather imperfect paradigm of "skepticism." Creationists are skeptical (doubtful) of scientific claims. Scientists are skeptical (doubtful) of religious claims. But skepticism has a darker side—unsupported dismissiveness and even self-indulgent ridicule, both of which are entirely subjective and rarely, if ever, helpful.

Any paradigm based on the bias of doubt is itself biased. A more perfect paradigm for any quest for answers includes restraint and humility. This may be a burden for those in either camp who have invested too much in their own egos. Truth doesn't care about belief or ego. It remains aloof to such emotional attitudes.

Here, we attempt to look at the facts from a broader perspective. We find it self-evident that form follows function or purpose. Though the exact nature of creation is unknown, we do know that creation takes place when conscious thought in spirit is let go (allowed), for only then will the dimension of time be added to the template formed in thought. This might be likened to God's day of rest. What is the relation of this to the Big Bang? We don't yet know. There remain many unanswered questions. And yet, science continues to answer some of them.

Using restraint and humility, new insights have been gained in Genesis which provide us a possible new interpretation—one compatible with reality. Discussing these discoveries is the purpose of the Genesis Code Blog. You're invited to add your civil thoughts on the subject.

Science continues to make great strides toward greater knowledge of reality. Can science be more greatly empowered if it allows the possibility of agencies that are not part of the mechanical, action-reaction reality that it studies? If such agencies exist (and we've found that they do), then science might be blinding itself to the completion of the facts it strives to obtain.

Only with restraint and humility can we ever find the answers we seek. Anything less is egotistical arrogance and laziness.

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